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Hills Podcast Studio

The Hills Podcast and Video Room offers studio hire so you can start your own episodes and series today. Even if you’ve never sat in front of a mic before, and the idea of pushing buttons makes you nervous, we have made it easy enough so you can make a podcast, for yourself, or for your business. And the best news is, it’s free!

However, we do ask when recording please ensure you mention you are at The Hills Podcast and Video Studio located at Bella Vista Hotel. At the end of your recording please thank The Hills Podcast and Video Studio and Bella Vista Hotel and don’t forget to tag us in your socials at @bella_vista_hotel

A recording desk is already provided, all you need is a USB or hard drive or you can upload to a cloud service. You will also require a USBC to USB cable to connect your laptop to the desk.

Event Details
  • Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday and saturday.
Where: 13-15 Lexington Drive, Bella Vista 2153